A platformer where you use a grappling hook to control your bear. 

The game was made for the 2018 GMTK 48 hour game Jam in the them of "GENRE, but you can’t MECHANIC."

made by Prokisch Dani

Development log


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I really like the movement and physics of this game, just that made it enjoyable! It wasn't complicated either, I was able to jump into it. Though I haven't played many yet, this is my favorite game of the jam so far. I feel like if this game is expanded into being more challenging and longer, it could be really fun!

Thank you so much:). Yeah it is currently being worked on with more levels, more art and new game mechanics with progressive difficulty. And it will be available for pre-order on the App Store too from some time today. 


This was fun, and I loved the art style! I also appreciate the highlights around the trees. Makes 'em easier to identify and click, especially mid-swing. 

There were a few instances where I wanted to click a tree at the edge of the screen and missed, and clicking outside the game window pauses it. Maybe a future version could have some kind of frame or something as a buffer? Thanks for sharing your game!

Thank you. Yeah I noticed that problem as well. I will be experimenting with a few solutions for it. I am testing it on my phone as well and this problem seems less noticable tho


Nice art :) !! This game gave me a slight getting over it with bennett foddy feeling ;D ! There aren't many levels and the grappling hook physics do feel a bit random and weird but still, the art and satisfying pop sound make for a solid little jam entry !

Yeah I did have it at first that you could swing the hook as the hammer in Getting Over It :D Shame there was no more time as I have more level plans and assets that just didnt make it into this game. Thanks

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It's a good concept and the art is very nice but as Zaba11 said, it lacks a bit of gameplay. The swinging never really feels controllable enough to make me feel like I'm making a conscious swing and the camera being so close to the action makes it hard to see anything. Otherwise a really solid idea and really impressive for a game jam! Well done!

I see what you guys mean. I'll look into those. I'm still planning to expand on this game cause a few things didnt make it into this game like the enemies and collectables so I'll try out what you said. thanks


Clear art desing but gameplay feel lacking, especialy camera feels to zoom in. 

(nice sound)

But i liked it.


i like the bips and bops. is clever too. noice art!

thanks :)